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Porous Medium Burner Operation Parameter Study and Numerical Simulation

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Tutor: XieAnGuo
School: Liaoning University of Science and Technology
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: two-layer porous medium,premixed combustion,2D numerical simulation
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Porous medium in the combustion system described in reference to technology, play a solid medium high heat storage capacity and strong radiation, enhance the effect of premixed combustible gases warm, not only can improve the combustion efficiency, but also can improve the problem of incomplete combustion of fuel , that is, lean-burn. And compared to traditional combustion technology, premixed combustion in porous media with a lean-burn limit is low, steady state burning flame, high combustion efficiency, temperature distribution, pollutant emissions and other advantages. This article describes the porous media at home and abroad through research into the development of fuel combustion, as researchers of their future in-depth research to provide the data. Of the double-porous burner pass into methane - air premixed gas combustion numerical simulation.Use of software for computing two-dimensional numerical simulation of premixed combustion heat with the wall porous medium burner. Simulation results show that the double porous media with a stable combustion burner range and very low pollution emissions, the wall heat significantly affect the effect of combustion in porous media. This paper reviews the premixed gas combustion in porous media theory and numerical simulation of the process. Those porous media burners in the industry have great prospects for development. Finally, the porous medium burner to carry out future research should focus on difficulties that direction.
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