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Numerical Simulation and Optimization Design on Temperature Measurement of Thermocouple with Air Pum

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Tutor: FengQing
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: Gas pump thermocouple,Gas pump thermocouple error,Simulation,Structural optimiza
CLC: TH811
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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As we all know that thermocouples are widely used in kinds of industry for its outstanding performance, especially in ceramic. What’s more, high-accuracy thermocouple becomes a necessary device in the accuracy control of furnace temperature, and it is really very important in accurate temperature measurement in the kiln and controlling the course of the product-firing exactly. Thus the preciseness of the temperature control, especially for the special ceramic, really has great impact in the quality of the product. So how to improve the preciseness of the temperature measurement now has become a very important research item in studying and developing new thermal temperature measuring equipment.Through the simulation for evacuation thermocouple in gas suction speed, the thermocouple covering layers, covering hot cover hood black size change effect the temperature measurement precision, We can get the effective improvement of decrease the measure. At the same time, through optimizing suction hood structure, covering thermocouple heat in hot shrinkage nozzle to cover hood, lengthen the length and narrow hot cover, the diameter of the way by covering hot cover structure optimization, So we can reduce temperature measurement errors. by enhancing the temperature measurement precision, Which can help the suction thermocouple theoretical analysis and production equipment, So we can make contributions to provide certain reference value and theory for ceramic industry.
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