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Study on the Technology of LabVIEW in Shuttle Kiln Combustion Monitor and Control System

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Tutor: JiangFangLe
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: shuttle kiln Combustion System,Monitoring and Controlling,Virtual Instrument,Fuz
CLC: TP277
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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In this paper ,graphicai programming language LabVIEW of National Instrument Company of U.S is regarded as the development platform,combinging fuzzy logic module and PID control toolkit,the design process of a combustion monitoring and control system is introduce,which includes the design of hardware and software. Facing on shuttle kiln systems,this research is presented Fuzzy-PID composite control method is adopted in this paper aimed at to better meet the temperature requirements of ceramics ,which depends on experiment monitoring dataand expert knowledge.Fuzzy controlling total table can be educed from a fuzzy controller with double inputs and single output according to random controlling rules,grades,membership.And the simulation of the capability of the self-adaptive fuzzy controller is studied with MATLAB.The result shows that Fuzzy-PID is better than PID.Fuzzy-PID has many characteristics,such as small exceeded value,short transition time,and stronger robust etc,and can reach anticipative control effect.DAQ board of National Instrument as interface and PCI bus as data transmissionmode,efficient embedded DAQ board is connected with sensor component,measure circuit and conditioning circuit,which construct a boiler automatic monitoring system.In this research,updated programming technology-LabVIEW is developed as software platform.It also has a friendly interface that is convenient to operate and wide prosperity in the chain-shuttle kiln field with all these advantages.
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