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Design of Expert System for Consultation about Flaws of Sanitary-ware

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Tutor: HuGuoLin
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: Sanitary ware defects,Consulting,Firing defects,Monitoring and forecasting,Exper
CLC: TP182
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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At present, the rapid development of the real estate industry and residents demand improvement of housing standards, provide for our construction ceramics and sanitary ware industry fast development opportunities. As we all know, the opportunities at the same time, they will inevitably pose serious challenges to the quality of the sanitary ware industry. This more stringent quality requirements of the sanitary ware industry, domestic sanitary ware production process there is this or that quality defects, has seriously hampered the healthy development of the sanitary ware. First half of this topic for the status quo, the knowledge of the expert system used in the field of sanitary ware production, development of a sanitary ware defects consultants; latter part of an oil burning tunnel kiln sanitary ware, ceramic, for example, their working conditions monitoring and forecasting expert system to do the exploratory research, its production in the practical application of some foundation. In this paper, based on full analysis of the primary user needs, sanitary ware defect characterization to start, the use of expert summed up the experience and find a large number of related documents as the basis and principles of the analysis, the expert system knowledge base, inference engine, and a comprehensive database its management system design. Adopt comprehensive system, the level of representation of expert knowledge rules frame rules body rules knowledge representation form of forward and reverse mixed reasoning strategies, depth-first search strategy, and system diagnostics with the user group to control the details of the method of combining sanitary ware ceramic defects consult with condition monitoring expert system developed; better solution to the complexity and uncertainty of knowledge in the field of sanitary ware ceramic defects, successful sanitary ware defect diagnosis, consultation, and condition monitoring and early warning function, set practical, convenient and scientific in one. The system includes the following: 1. Defects consulting expert system based on Windows98 or 98 more operating system as the main development tool Visual Basic6.0 Access as a secondary tool to establish a database. Users can be based on the performance characteristics of the defects and defects may be where the two query process and, ultimately, the causes of defects and solutions; defect diagnosis part, common defects in the sanitary ware production process to make a diagnosis instance; Users can also content knowledge in the maintenance and improvement. By simulation the full Chinese of MCGS of oil sanitary ware tunnel kiln firing conditions monitoring. Leroy Ware, Foshan City, Guangdong, the part of the contents of the actual operating conditions Co., an oil-burning tunnel kiln for monitoring, collecting temperature, pressure, and other parameters, with a threshold of uncertain credibility-based reasoning, timely forecasts sanitary ware firing defects generated. System development for the majority of sanitary ware production technicians and R \u0026 D personnel, provide sanitary ware defect identification and resolution measures, and how to effectively prevent technical advisory services platform, has a strong grass-roots practical value and development prospects.
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