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The Influence of Somke Evacuation Structure on the Heat Transfer Rate and Temperatuature Field

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Tutor: FengQing
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: Roller kiln,Exhaust structure,Numerical Simulation
CLC: TQ174.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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The roller kiln as a new furnace , has been widely used in China's ceramic industry . The roller kiln exhaust structure have a significant impact on the preheat heat absorption and temperature uniformity , but this numerical simulation on roller kiln no studies . The purpose of this project is to by numerical simulation method , calculated using CFD software Fluent to simulate different exhaust structure roller kiln low box section of the flow field . , Summed up the impact of the different exhaust structure through various boundary heat flow and temperature field analysis . Numerical simulation work , including the main : low box segment kiln simplify and gas flow pattern , physical parameters and other settings ; Gambit meshing software to build a geometric model and mesh cooper model ; standard k-ε turbulence the model calculates the flow and heat transfer ; speed - the pressure coupling choose SIMPLE algorithm ; calculation results in order to ensure the accuracy of the control equation discrete selected second order upwind ; Finally , choose the appropriate control solution parameters for the control of the equations and iterative solution . By analyzing the simulation results , the following conclusions can be drawn : 1 , roller kiln exhaust should select the dispersing smoke ; 2 , Yaotou - preferably strip exhaust port ; 3 , the analog prototype coping kiln top transformation to reduce heat loss .
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