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The Influence of Roller Kiln Inner High Change on the Fluid Flow Field and Temperature Field Study

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Tutor: FengQing
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: roller kiln,inner height,fluid flow field,numerical simulation
CLC: TQ174.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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The thermal theory of sintering ceramics is relatively mature after years of development. And the rapid development of computer technology, automatic control theory and new refractory materials as well as the application of high-quality fuel provide a good condition to the thermal practice theory, drying and firing technology advances. Application of computers and other modern science and technology could control temperature, humidity and flow parameters to achieve the desired thermal system. Therefore, in recent years, the quality of ceramic kilns has markedly improved while in power wasting has clearly declined. The gas flow in kiln and simulative study of convective heat transfer are mainly under the guidance of similarity theory, proceeding through experiments of using physical entity model. The experimental method of reversed heat flow is often taken when studying on convective heat transfer. In recent years, pilot study on shuttle kiln as well as preheating and cooling zone of tunnel kiln has been done and obtained achievement.In the preheating zone of roller kiln, the green body will be undergoing major changes. Absorption of kiln heat and temperature uniformity will have a significant impact, while at present, the study on roller kiln is less and incomplete. Therefore, the purpose of this article is by using of numerical simulation methods and CFD software Fluent, to simulate the flow field and temperature field of the preheating zone of roller kiln under different inner height. By analyzing the flow field and temperature field of the model, this article will result the impact of different inner height to flow field of kiln.
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