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Study and Numerical Simulation on Flow Field of High Temperature Cyclone Separator

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Tutor: FengQing XiaJiSheng
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: High temperature,Cyclone,Numerical Simulation,Flow field,Arc
CLC: TK229.66
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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The high temperature cyclone separator is an important part of the separation mechanism of the circulating fluidized bed boilers , widely used due to its simple structure , high separation efficiency , the circulating fluidized bed boiler . In order to master the internal flow field characteristics of the high temperature cyclone separator based on computational fluid dynamics software Fluent6.3 Jingdezhen power plant the 150WM circulating fluidized bed boiler high temperature cyclone as the research object , its internal flow simulation and analysis . Through this study , the first to determine a suitable numerical method , based on the internal flow field of high temperature cyclone separator , the gas flow field of high temperature cyclone simulation study , including the velocity field , pressure field and turbulence structure analysis. Secondly, the high-temperature the cyclone two-phase flow field , including the distribution of gas - solid two - phase flow model , particle trajectories , particle concentration field , the study of the separation efficiency of content . Finally, a new curved entrance - high temperature cyclone . (1) turbulence model in the numerical simulation of internal flow field of cyclone Reynolds stress model convection QUICK scheme for discrete the SIMPLEC Algorithm partition combination mesh control equations . (2) can be clearly seen from the simulation , the overall high - temperature cyclone internal flow field by two layers of vortex . Turbulence in the entrance area, can be seen to cause severe erosion of the wall surface . Better symmetry of the flow field in the cyclone zone , part of the cone , the symmetry of the flow field is poor . ( 3 ) In this paper, a curved entrance -type high-temperature cyclone and its flow field simulation . This structure makes it more stable inlet flow field to reduce the erosion of the wall , the symmetry of the internal flow field is better than the prototype , the simultaneous separation efficiency has been improved to some extent .
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