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Numerical Simulation on Flow Field Characteristic of Air Distributor Equipment in the Circulating Fl

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Tutor: FengQing XiaJiSheng
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: Circulating fluidized bed,Air Distributors,Numerical Simulation,Flow field chara
CLC: TK229.66
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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The circulating fluidized bed boiler internationally in recent years developed a new generation of highly efficient , low-pollution clean-burning technology has many advantages not available in other combustion methods . However , as a new type of power equipment , its internal processes , including combustion , gas-solid flow , heat transfer and a variety of complex chemical reactions , is an extremely complex process combinations , many of its inherent laws also waiting for people to study understanding. The circulating fluidized bed combustion air provided by the air distribution system , played a very important role in the operation . However, due to the unreasonable design of air distribution device , resulting in serious leakage residue fluidized bed cloth hood air board , the wind indoor bed large accumulation of slag , coke , the unit can not be safe and continuous operation . The subject of the air distribution device as the object of study , Jingdezhen Power Plant 150MW circulating fluidized bed boiler of cold experimental and computational fluid dynamics software -FLUENT its numerical simulation of flow field characteristics of the air distribution device . Respectively described by the mathematics of the different characteristics of the flow field under conditions of various physical parameters on the hood , the primary air chamber and furnace shows , as well as a comparative analysis of the the cold experiment data and numerical simulation data , expect to find out the various the relationship between physical parameters as well as the impact of the mathematical model of the flow field , which reveals its inherent laws , as well as circulating fluidized bed boiler air distribution uniformity transformation and optimization designed to provide a basis for . Whether from the efficient use of energy , or are of great importance from the environmental protection .
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