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Preheat the tunnel kiln with double exhaust port Numerical Simulation

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Tutor: JiangFangLe
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: Tunnel kiln,Exhaust port,Thermostat burner,Flow field,Numerical Simulation
CLC: TQ174.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Tunnel kiln is a horizontal flow of air as a reverse cross-fired ceramic heating device , preheating with the ceramic firing process, the pre- process , in this process the main problems is the temperature difference between the top and bottom section , affecting the products firing quality, extended firing time , to reduce production . Tunnel kiln temperature difference between the upper and lower sections preheating zone produces a variety of reasons . The temperature distribution within the furnace is a dynamic equilibrium process , affected by many factors, basically in the preheating zone vacuum conditions, mainly from the hot flue gas kiln firing zone because of pressure while passing over the heat and warm rear burner with heat injection , the temperature was mainly controlled by adjusting the total gate and the smoke exhaust branch gate opening and the preheating zone thermostat back burner . This preheating zone of the tunnel kiln produces upper and lower temperature causes analyzed and summarized to solve preheat temperature of measures to bring down . Aspects from changing furnace structure , the use of numerical simulation method for a particular tunnel through the preheating zone of the kiln temperature field and flow field simulation analysis, the exhaust port row arrangement burner thermostat case and joint action for preheating zone temperature field and flow field , and with the single-row arrangement of the exhaust port to conduct a comparative analysis to resolve to bring down the tunnel kiln preheat temperature to provide a new approach.
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