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Embedded System Based on uClinux AMR7 ceramic electric kiln Application of Temperature Control

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Tutor: HuGuoLin
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: Ceramic electric kiln,Temperature Control,Fuzzy Control,Embedded Systems,uClinux
CLC: TQ174.653
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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This topic in the study ceramic kiln automatic control working principle and embedded systems development based on the theory , the use of fuzzy control technology with an embedded linux technology, design a set based on ARM uClinux of embedded systems, used in ceramics electric kiln the temperature of the control , thereby for the further study of embedded linux technology in the other ceramic kiln automatic Control of application to lay a good foundation. Ceramic electric Kiln temperature control mainly by regulating the distributed in the electric kiln internal of the resistance wire power on to achieve. This system Select the Single-phase AC thyristor phase-shift trigger V-ragulator Method , accordance with a given firing curve to change the resistance wire both ends of the the voltage , regulating resistance wire 's Power, Control electric kiln the internal of the temperature changes. The system uses CGI (C) AJAX technology to achieve B / S mode (fixefox browser / boa services ) of the remote WEB monitoring , CGI (C) from the Measurement and Control software part of middle read the time and temperature and other measurements data, thereby to achieve a WEB and Measurement and Control software part of communication between the . AJAX ( ie, Asynchronous Javaseript and XML) to locally ground update the WEB page , to achieve real-time data of the dynamic display.
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