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Study of Oxygen-enriched Premixed Combustion Flame Characteristics and Heat Transfer Characteristics

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Tutor: FengQing
School: Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
Course: Energy and Power Engineering
Keywords: Shuttle kiln,Oxyfuel,Premixed,Heat transfer characteristics,Numerical Simulation
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Oxyfuel Modern combustion technology is one of the latest energy-saving technology to reduce the ignition of the fuel, to accelerate the burning rate, promote complete combustion, flame temperature to reduce the combustion air displacement, improve heat utilization and reduce excess air ratio, superior energy performance, developed countries called \Oxyfuel technology at home and abroad are mainly concentrated in the combustion mechanism of NOX and SO2 emissions characteristics, less enriched combustion flame characteristics and main diffusion flame characteristics of oxygen-enriched non-premixed combustion mainly of oxygen-rich premixed combustion characteristics of turbulent flame almost; oxyfuel technology more applied research in the furnace, boiler, relatively few studies in the kiln, shuttle kiln, The oxygen-enriched combustion emission characteristics mainly, mainly to study the kiln temperature field distribution profile of the kiln is currently no study. However, mastering the kiln temperature field distribution to understand the heat transfer characteristics of the kiln, kiln Oxyfuel stable operation has an important role in guiding; oxyfuel technology application and promotion on the furnace also has a significant The meaning and value. Therefore, the first by the combustion of oxygen-rich premixed turbulent flame characteristics test study aims behind the the shuttle kiln oxygen-rich premixed burning kiln simulation of heat transfer characteristics of the feasibility of providing verification conditions; another record Application Fluent software, choose RNGk-e turbulence model eddy dissipation combustion model, PI radiation heat transfer model for the numerical simulation of the shuttle kiln heat transfer characteristics using different concentrations of oxygen-enriched air overall oxygen combustion. Through the analysis of the test results and the numerical simulation results, the following main conclusions can be drawn: 1 with increasing oxygen concentration, the flame becomes gradually force, the maximum flame temperature gradually increased, the position of the maximum temperature gradually to the direction of the burner outlet movement, the flame temperature gradient gradually increases, the flame temperature region is gradually reduced, and gradually increasing the intensity of the flame. Using the technology of oxygen-enriched air combustion, flue gas jet can reduce the erosion of the kiln wall and prolong the service life of the kiln wall material; using an oxygen concentration of more than 24% of the oxygen-enriched air for combustion, can make the temperature of the kiln roof reduced, thereby extend the life of the kiln roof materials. Using oxygen-enriched air combustion technology, can make the elevated temperature of the flame at the bottom of the kiln heat transfer is enhanced, and long-term Oxyfuel make kiln car the countertops (kilns bottom) is burned out, resulting in unstable Loseware produce parison collapse phenomenon, the timing of kiln car check. Using oxygen-enriched air combustion technology, will make the kiln temperature difference, the kiln temperature difference can be reduced by the adjustment of the position of the exhaust port and change Loseware stacked.
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