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A Study of Energy-saving Strategy of City Square Design in Temperate Area

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Tutor: ZhangZuo XuJiQing
School: Tianjin University
Course: Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords: temperate area,city square,square planning and design,climate flexibility,energy
CLC: TU984.18
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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In recent years, between of the city building rise a square wave, which also exposed many problems, especially in today’s that people emphasis on sustainable development, Plaza Square landscape effects the environment, including not only the good and pregnant, but also includes the square of the energy saving effect.At present, the research status of urban plaza mainly aimed at the general theoretical level and draw from western square research experience and conclusion, still settle on single vacuum substance element, esthetic levels and natural description stage. As China’s urban energy consumption is growing, more and more serious pressure on the environment, climate adaptation and energy conservation as the goal of urban planning and design has gradually become an important part of the design. Town Square as the city’s major space, and energy consumption of the urban environment and urban micro climate has a close relationship. Therefore, the City Square of energy saving strategy it is very necessary.The article, from the view of thermal environment and energy saving strategy of urban design, has surveyed a new subject—making use of methods designed to achieve the purpose of energy saving of city square.This article mainly divided into three most, first is to research background, purpose and meaning, and related nouns explanation is expounded, and to domestic and international related research papers are analyzed, and the elaboration. Framework ; then proposed thesis research subject temperate city square gas saving design strategies relevant elements of the problem; Finally, through the temperate regions of some representative of a typical city square analyzed, from which the current temperate climate adaptation Town Plaza, the construction of energy saving common problems.By summing up the advanced experience, from the overall layout of the city square, the layout of surrounding buildings, green planning and design, floor covering, and water planning and design aspects of planning and design through the planning and design ways to improve the city square micro climate, achieving energy Plazafeasibility, the corresponding energy saving design strategies. And through the City Square Energy Strategy, energy policy proposed in the Central Plains City Square design flexibility.Finally, sums up the city square in temperate regions climate adaptation planning and design of energy saving strategy. This not only provides for the present has been built to transform the plaza design standards, but also about the construction of the temperate areas of the city square design provides a reference value.
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