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The Feasibility Study and Economic Evaluation of Hemp Fabric Senior Production Line

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Tutor: PanWeiZong ZuoXueRong
School: Shandong University
Course: Architecture and Civil Engineering
Keywords: hemp,production line,feasibility studies,economic evaluation,social impact analy
CLC: TS128
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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In recent years, through the Quartermaster Equipment Institute of General Logistics Department military hemp material research center and the Youngor Group hemp Investment Holdings Limited research and development, has been completely overcome the hemp fiber preparation technical difficulties, and in Yunnan was established at the beginning of Xishuangbanna raw materials and processing base, the full realization of the industrialized production, products have begun in the field of national defense and civilian areas of pplication.This paper is to study the hemp of high-end textile and apparel fabrics production line of the feasibility study and economic evaluation, to better reflect the hemp high-grade textile fabric production line advantages and economic benefits, now the city of Deli source textile limited new hemp of high-end textile and apparel fabrics project as an example, on the line to make the feasibility analysis and evaluation of.After a background of hemp textile production analysis and market research, analysis of hemp textile production line project feasibility and economic evaluation and social evaluation, mainly through the total profile analysis, discusses the engineering technology program, project implementation plan and project management investment estimate and financing, planning the development of the industry, the industrial policies and industry access to a detailed analysis of resource development and utilization analysis, through the use of performance standards and energy standards, energy consumption and energy consumption indicators status, energy-saving measures and energy-saving effect of energy conservation programs are analyzed and discussed by the surrounding environmental quality assessment, environmental impact and operating period control measures, environmental impact analysis of the production environment and the ecological impacts of the project analysis, through economic analysis, social analysis of the production project economic analysis and social evaluation. Ultimately concluded that the implementation of advanced hemp fabric production line is feasible, can be conducive to China’s textile industry, raise the level of the textile industry, as well as help improve the competitiveness of enterprises.The innovation of this paper is the hemp fabric senior production line in our country still belongs to blank, through the study of this project can effectively compensate for vacancies in the domestic market, a detailed project for economic impact evaluation, rational use of various economic indicators, the project to achieve optimal allocation of resources.
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