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Experimental Research on Basic Properties of Crumb Rubber Pervious Concrete

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Tutor: ZhuHan
School: Tianjin University
Course: Building Materials
Keywords: crumb rubber,pervious concrete,compressive strength,permeability performance,fro
CLC: TU528.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Pervious concrete, which is known as a green environmental friendly road pavement material, characterized by light weight, porosity and good permeability. Its application can reduce the surface water of road, improve urban surface ecological environment, regulate city’s humidity and temperature. Therefore, research on pervious concrete has been more and more concerned.At present, mechanical properties and permeability performance are the greatly part of study in our country, and there is almost nothing about durability of pervious concrete. According to the knowing of durability of crumb rubber concrete(CRC), This paper focus on strength, permeability properties, frost resistance and abrasion resistance of pervious concrete.The main conclusions are as follows:(1) Crumb rubber ,which adding to the pervious concrete, can effectively fill the pores and increase compressive strength of pervious concrete. Adding 25kg/m3 and 50kg/m3 of the crumb rubber , the pervious concrete compressive strength increased by 11.9% and 18.4%.(2) After the incorporation of crumb rubber, the effective porosity and permeability performance of pervious concrete reduced. However, with 50kg/m3 crumb rubber and sand of 10% sand rate, the permeability coefficient of pervious concrete can still reach 0.147cm/s.(3) Crumb rubber can markedly enhance the frost resistance and salt-frost Resistance of pervious concrete.(4) The abrasion resistance of pervious concrete is good. 50kg/m3 crumber rubber in pervious concrete do not conduce too much damage to abrasion resistance of pervious concrete. By adding sand of 10% sand rate, the abrasion resistance.of the pervious concrete increase.(5) Experiment show that after adding sand ,the pervious concrete compressive strength has been greatly improved, which is larger than 30Mpa. Adding fine aggregate to pervious concrete is an important way to improve pervious concrete strength. After adding the sand, abrasion resistance of pervious concrete has been improved too.
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