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Structural Optimization Selection of Tianjin Orthotropic Steel Bridge Deck Pavement

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Tutor: LiZhiGuo
School: Tianjin University
Course: Building Materials
Keywords: Orthotropic steel bridge panel,Stone Matrix Asphalt,Epoxy asphalt concrete,Antic
CLC: U443.33
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Along with the development of modernization, traffic increases greatly.This requires more for bridge pavement. Especially for the orthotropic steel bridge deck pavement system, it’s more vulnerable to be corroded for its erection to moist. Because of its structure characteristics are flexible compared with the concrete bridge, so the copy of the pavement concrete bridge common form is not appropriate. Especially for Tianjin such a city with unique natural and geographical conditions, a suitable solution is more important.This paper discusses the application of steel bridge deck pavement status at home and abroad, then simply describes three commonly used pavement materials. Some needed experiments are accomplished according to steel bridge damage from weakness steel deck paving anti-corrosion materials selection and binder systems in the two aspects of testing on the basis of the practical engineering application. Based on the actual situation of tianjin,those experimental data is used to choose the appropriate ratio and optimize anticorrosive bonding layer. And with reference to the relevant national standards for asphalt concrete test, this article choose the right steel bridge deck pavement system through the different nature of the asphalt concrete.Because the disturb of external environment on o rthotropic steel bridge deck pavement plays an important role, so it have many problems, such as higher dependence on the construction technology, longer construction time, complex steel deck paving measures。Thus the cost is higher, and the performance is not very good. Through the investigation and research, new paving construction scheme is put forward on the purpose of simplify on-site construction,. The down-paving layer on steel bridge of asphalt concrete pavement is finished in the steel bridge factory, and the up-paving layer is accomplished after the assemblation on site. By this the construction process is simplied and the cost of the project is reduced.
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