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Abrasion Resistance of Rubberized Concrete

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Tutor: KangJingFu
School: Tianjin University
Course: Building Materials
Keywords: Rubber powder,Concrete,Impact and abrasion resistance,Ring method
CLC: TU528.57
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Rubber concrete new concrete is receiving more attention recently. The rubber concrete strength decreases with the increase in the amount of rubber powder incorporation, there is significantly improved in its toughness and deformation capacity and impact resistance. So far, traditional the concrete abrasion resistant theory is still not fully reveal the the concrete abrasion damage mechanism, the role of at least some of the key factors (such as the toughness of concrete) failed to give enough attention and emphasis, so that the existing studies, most studies to focus on ways to improve the composition of the material itself abrasion resistant properties and composition of the material strong bond between the two, while ignoring the concrete toughness. Rubber powder on the improvement of the toughness of concrete against abrasion have an impact on performance, this is a pending investigation. This study is part of the National Natural Science Foundation of China concerning the technical performance of the \Using rubber powder volume on behalf of sand, water erosion resistance of concrete sand test (ring method), to explore the different amount of rubber powder in case of impact and abrasion resistance of the rubber concrete. The results show that: (1) With the increase in the dosage of rubber powder, rubber concrete compressive strength gradually reduced; (2) Rubber Concrete has managed to maintain its integrity, disintegration did not occur, the performance of the reference concrete diametrically different failure modes; (3) rubber concrete does have a good impact and abrasion resistance, mixed with the right amount of rubber powder can concrete abrasion resistant capacity increased by more than 1 to 2 times, the wear rate decreases, and abrasion resistant increased strength, continue to increase the volume of the rubber powder content, abrasion resistant strength may further improve; (4) the impact of the rubber concrete abrasion resistance strength of the main factors: the strength and elastic modulus of sand and gravel aggregate, sand and gravel aggregate the relative proportion between the volume of content, strength of cement, elastic modulus and volume fraction, particle size and volume fraction of the rubber powder and different constituent materials; (5) Rubber concrete with silica fume concrete better than commonly used in engineering impact and abrasion resistance, the conclusion has also been confirmed by other researchers; (6) of this research a new way for the preparation of high impact and abrasion concrete.
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