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Study on the Manufacturing of Concrete Aggregates by Using Desert Sand

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Tutor: KangJingFu
School: Tianjin University
Course: Building Materials
Keywords: Sahara sand,Particle size distribution,Compressive strength,Porosity,Bulk densit
CLC: TU528
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Tianjin Dagang Oilfield Group recently undertook the \Oilfield in the Sahara desert hinterland , deserted in the range of around five or six hundred kilometers , in addition to the sand, water , no other available building materials , how to make full use of local resources to solve concrete materials required for the project construction is related to construction projects success the key . The purpose of this project is to through equipment modification and experimental studies , Niger capacity building project to provide a complete set of concrete formulation techniques to solve the key issues of the engineering building . In this study, the Sahara sand specific surface area characteristics analysis , using the test method of soil bulk density changes in the different particle combination test , different amount of cement , mortar mix than strength elect optimal mixing ratio of mortar . Theoretical analysis and experimental research explore Desert sorting method . The results showed that : 1 , Sahara sand particle size distribution of adverse sand content of large particles (gt; 0.6mm) , small particles (lt; 0.6mm) sand content can not be used directly without screening . . Bulk density test results show that the terms of 0.6mm as the sand sieving boundaries after screening the coarse sand (gt; 0.6mm) accounted for 60% of the 40% screening of the original sand mixed in such a proportion bulk density of the sand , it is to create the ideal artificial aggregate gradation . 3 , Sahara sand at different locations , different depth , particle size distribution vary greatly , so there is the problem of the choice of the stockyard . 4 , the theoretical analysis and experimental research methods to explore the desert sand sorting , centrifugation and winnowing through experiments found that difficult to achieve the desired separation effect only by centrifugation , the combination of the two to use better. Through tie ratio test to determine a different amount of cement , mortar block the changes in the intensity and regularity of different strength grade artificial stones used in the manufacture of mortar mix proportion .
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