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Research on the Durability of Low-clinker Cement

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Tutor: WangLiJiu
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Building Materials
Keywords: Fly ash,Coal F Stone,Less clinker,Concrete,Durability
CLC: TQ172
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2005
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With the implementation of the sustainable development strategy, the cement industry resources, energy and environmental issues become major factors restricting its development. Less energy consumption and pollution production of portland cement clinker, subject to the use of as many as possible of industrial waste residue as mixed material production less clinker is an environmental significance and economic value. Fly ash and gangue are the emissions and piling up the largest amount of industrial waste one of the existing as substrate less clinker is still a lot of flaws in terms of durability. The fly ash, coal gangue as the main raw materials developed less clinker, which proposes two new gelling system, thereby to prepare a performance less hot material concrete. Focus on the less the clinker its concrete durability, the full text of the main contents and results are as follows: First, through the test to determine the correlation between the mixed material dosage and composite cementitious system strength, thereby determining the selected the proportion of mixed materials in cementitious system, as two low-clinker cement mix design theoretical basis. Secondly, the phase composition of the material from fly ash and gangue acid hybrid materials and activity characteristics, the two low-clinker cement mixture ratio determined by orthogonal test been tested and found the basic performance are in line with the 32.5 cement standard requirements, the SEM image shows the two least aperture of cement clinker cement varying degrees of refinement, improved phase microstructure of the cement paste and aggregate interface. It is also less clinker in cement concrete the theoretical basis of the properties of the later. Subsequently, on low-clinker cement durability conducted a pilot study focusing on the effects of its long-term strength, tendons care performance, carbonation resistance, sulfate attack. The results show that, compared with ordinary cement, two less clinker sulfate in the development of long-term strength and resistance to erosion of the two has the greater advantage, but in the the carbonation resistance retaining tendons performance lacking, but still better than slag cement. The above tests showed that the low-clinker cement has good durability. Finally, less clinker for both the basic performance and durability of concrete test. Of mixture workability and physical and mechanical properties were investigated in terms of basic performance and durability of the study focused on the anti-permeability (chloride ion diffusion), frost resistance, since the contractile properties. Low-clinker cement concrete advantages in physical and mechanical aspects of the not so obvious, but is superior in the durability of portland cement concrete, especially in the larger improvement in resistance to chloride ion penetration. Developed two low-clinker cement performance can meet the needs of the general construction work, has a broad application prospects.
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