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Study on the Evaluation of Workability and Permeability for High Performance Concrete

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Tutor: WangLiJiu
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Building Materials
Keywords: High Performance Concrete,Workability,Self-compacting High Performance Con
CLC: TU528
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2005
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Compared to Normal Strength Concrete (NSC), High Performance Concrete (HPC) is a scientific breakthrough in concrete techniques. HPC is a new type material for environmental protection and energy conservation. Its appearance is a new milestone during the development course of concrete. The 21st Century is an era of HPC.Three parts of jobs were done to evaluate the properties of HPC, which include the evalutation of workability, filling-ability and permeability. These properties of HPC are very different from NSC, because of the addition of high efficiency water reducing agents and mine admixtures. Traditional workability test methods for NSC are no longer suitable for HPC. Owning many merits, Self-compacting High Performance Concrete(SHPC) has made great development. Filling-ability is one of the most important evaluation indexes. Permeability is the most important evaluation indexes for concrete durability. Permeability has a closed relation with durability.Based on the theory of rheology, fresh concrete is viewed as Bingham model. In this paper, the rheological parameters were measured with the help of the home-made experimental facility. According to these parameters, Two-point Test was used to evaluate the workability of concrete, which include HPC and NSC. hi the test, many factors were concerned, such as water binder ratio, sand proportion, the sort and addition of mineral admixture. Contrary to traditional workability test methods, the test apparatus designed in this paper are convenient to measure the concrete rheological parameters, which are yield stress and plastic viscosity. Overcoming One-point Test’s disadvantage, the apparatus is simple and practical, which is fit for field engineering.Accompanied with the development of the high efficiency water agent, SHPC has obtained a great achievement, which used mainly in complicated reinforcing bars structures. SHPC’s appearance, accelerate construction progress, save labor power and reduce noise pollution. Filling-ability is an important evaluation parameter. Using home-made filling-up device, filling-up factor and strength divisor were presented in this paper. In the process of experiment, W/B, the addition of mine admixture and sand proportion were concerned. The filling-up condition and strength contribution were discussed to study the property of SHPC, which was more accurate and comprehensive than differential height test.Making durable concrete is always permanent target for concrete scholars, which means safe, economic and persistent. The failure of durability is disastrous and severe. To some point, durability is more important than strength. Permeability is closely related to durability. More permeable the concrete is, more durable the concrete is. Impervious concrete is effective to resist erosive mediator. Permeability is an important aspect for concrete durability, which affects directly other factors’ damage to concrete. Therefore, permeability test is so necessary. In this paper, improved permeable facility is designed to measurer the permeability parameter caused by liquid and gas.
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