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Synthesis and Properties Research of Acrylic Acid Superplasticizers

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Tutor: WangLiJiu
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Building Materials
Keywords: Acrylic superplasticizer,Characterization,Fresh concrete,Workability
CLC: TU528.042.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2005
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Acrylic superplasticizer is a polycarboxylate superplasticizer class , because a good job of improving the concrete mixture , and the role of various properties of hardened concrete , has been widely used in developed countries . With the increasing demand of modern architecture and concrete technology, polycarboxylate superplasticizer will also gradually been widely used. In this paper, acrylic acid , methyl acrylate and derivatives thereof as the main raw material, synthesized by free radical polymerization chain structure and molecular weight distribution of a series of different acrylic superplasticizer, and carried out structural characterization and superplasticizer products in the cement and concrete application performance testing . In addition, the article also synthesized by polycondensation amino acid superplasticizer for a comparative study . This paper product by infrared spectroscopy to characterize the water-reducing agent , that its structure is correct; synthesis reaction process by the fluidity of cement paste is determined experimentally , including reaction temperature, reactant ratio, type of initiator and the polymerization time and the like; through the synthesis process of continuous improvement of the water-reducing agent is preferably a better performance testing of concrete products , including flow properties of fresh concrete , slump loss and mechanical properties of hardened concrete testing . Through experimental formula to determine a more reasonable parameters , to obtain a series of acrylic superplasticizer dosage is 0.3 %, the net fluidity up to 340mm. Synthesized acrylic superplasticizer includes entraining and non- entraining type two categories , their infrared spectra distict.Wood ; their cement paste and workability of fresh concrete have different effects , in addition to superplasticizer admixture of two hardened product of mechanical properties and microstructure also has a big difference . With this synthetic amino acid series superplasticizers and commercial naphthalene superplasticizer conducted comparative tests show acrylic water reducer and superplasticizer amino acid 's ability to improve the workability of concrete is superior to commercially available naphthalene superplasticizer ; at low dosage and synthesized in our laboratory under the modified lignin superplasticizer admixture allows complex mixes with excellent mobility.
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