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Research and Development Automatic Generation Control System of Daheyan Cascade Hydropower Station

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Tutor: LiChengJun
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering
Keywords: Cascade hydropower station,Economical operation,Automatic generationcontrol,Casc
CLC: TV736
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the continuous development of our the Cascade River Basin hydropowerstation, hydropower stations that located in China "unattended (less duty)"work is in fullswing. Basin cascade coordinated cascade AGC system will be more widely applied tovarious types of hydropower stations. Because of the equipment and the standard are notunity, watershed and regional power station are particularity, automatic generation controlsystem used by the hydropower station often is relevance and limitations. Versatility, easeof scalability, and other characteristics of the AGC system developed for cascadehydropower stations is the development direction. In this paper, in connection withDaheyan river cascade hydropower station, completion of automatic generation controlsystem is development. The developed system has some versatility, this paper as follows:(1) China’s hydropower development in the status quo and the need for automaticgeneration control system put into operation are expounded; this paper briefly describedthe situation at home and abroad, from the algorithm, the optimization model and trends.(2) Cascade hydropower stations AGC functions contained content: Plant economicoperation, plant economic operation, and AGC; Describes the method for obtaining thedynamic characteristics of turbine units and hydropower station; Enumerated introducecommon AGC algorithm and model; Analysis of user needs of cascade hydropowerstations AGC and introduce the development and implementation of the technical processof economic operation.(3) AGC-database software system is architecture out with C/S mode, and the roleof the various functional modules in the development is described in detail. Theconstruction of database and creating models for all types of data storage and databasetables are the object of study.(4)To Daheyan cascade hydropower stations, the data processing computing model selected work are completed; According to the information available, the various types ofrequired data are extracted, the application of the program and the analysis of results isintroduced.
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