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Using Wasted Protein of Silk Reeling to Preparate an Amino Acid Fertilizer Agent

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Tutor: LiJunSheng
Course: Biochemical Engineering
Keywords: Silk reeling waste protein,Acid chromatography,Acid hydrolysis,Singlefactor expe
CLC: S959
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Silk reeling wastewater contains a large number of discarded protein, directemissions will cause eutrophication of water and great damage to environment.In thispaper, first, acid chromatography was carried out on the pretreatmenof the frigonwastewater to precipitate the most of the sericin protein, according to the characteristics ofdifferent composition in the wasteproteins from silk reeling wastewater,. Second, usingacid hydrolyzed the recovery of protein and the waste silk, cocoon and silkworm chrysalisand frigon, which can get amino acid hydrolysate.And last, through research the effect ofamino acid hydrolysate on the growth of chlorella and scenedesmus quadricanda, whichcan get preparation of an amino acid fertilizer agent using amino acid hydrolysate. Therewere conclusions as follows:1. Using the orthogonal experimental researched the acid precipitation of sericinprotein from reeling frigon wastewater, which can get the best process conditions.Theresults was as follows:pH4.15,the temperature25℃, precipitation time2h. Stirring timeon the protein recovery effect is not big, but the more stirring time, the less the recoveryrate of protein. The recovery rate of frigon protein from wastewater was7.33%.2. Using the method of acid hydrolysis, amino nitrogen of waste cocoon was14.03mg·ml-1, but silk protein of frigon after hydrolysis, the amino nitrogen was just12.01mg·ml-1, amino nitrogen of silkworm after being concentrated was13.83mg·ml-1.3. Using single factor experiment researched the effect of the wasted proteinhydrolysate, temperature, oxygen flow volume, photosynthetic bacteria and bacillus on thegrowth of chlorella and scenedesmus quadricanda, concluded that adding volume of thehydrolysate amino nitrogen of14.03mg·ml-1was10mL,the volume of culture mediumwas200mL,and the optimum temperature was25℃,the optimum oxygen flow volumewas1.5L·min-1, photosynthetic bacteria concentration was10.2×103cfu, bacillusconcentration was5.4×104cfu.4. Using single factor experiment and basing on BG11-Nutrent solution researchedthe effect of different elements and microorganisms on the growth of chorella andscenedesums quadricanda, and then using uniform design experiment maked a regressionequation,according to the regression equation could get the optimal process conditions forthe growth of freshwater algae chlorella and scenedesmus quadricanda,the results was asfollows: amino acid hydrolysate0.079g, K2HPO40.550×10-2g, citric acid1.590×10-2g,MgSO40.274×10-2g, Na2EDTA0.187×10-3g, H3BO30.072×10-3g, Na2MoO40.058×10-3g and ZnSO40.064×10-3g each200mL.5. By comparison with other amino acid fertilizer agent on the market, using opticaldensity method to count the algal cell concentration, the results was as follows: granularfertilizer>rich water endothelin>lab fertilizer agent>granules of black soil>tender waterendothelin>fish and shrimp coke. Showing that using wasted protein of silk maked anamino acid fertilizer agent in the lab, which can basically meet the demand of market.
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