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Research on Medical Uniforms Design Based on Ergonomic Theory

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Tutor: WangDongHua
School: Dalian University of Technology
Course: Business management
Keywords: Ergonomics,Health care apparel,User-friendly design
CLC: TS941.732.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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The notable feature of the service sector is the production and consumption occur simultaneously , and service personnel in direct contact with consumers , and its image to play a key role in the quality of service . Medical services are provided by the traditional biomedical model into a bio - psycho - social medical model , various hospitals while emphasizing the promotion of medical hardware , medical staff image , higher demands . Clothing as \and principles to achieve a comfortable, healthy, safe, efficient service expectations , this is a far-reaching event ! ergonomic design of visual display symbols , including text symbols, graphic symbols , graphics, logos, etc. have been carried out in-depth study and widely used . For clothing logo design and indicative rarely investigators from the perspective of ergonomics , the papers draw on the display design symbols easy to recognize in the high and low brightness , familiarity , visual distance design thinking methods and data , combined with the health care environment background , proposed health care apparel logo design should consider the factors and principles . Paper is divided into four parts: a survey interview method to investigate the existing shortage of health care apparel , pointed out that the research content , meaning and ideas ; summarized previous health care apparel research and design , structured combing relevant theoretical knowledge , including people machine engineering, clothing hygiene , clothing ergonomics and value engineering , health care apparel functional requirements ; 3 , combined with human static and dynamic physiological data , psychological factors , work characteristics , and health care environment analysis proposed health care apparel design principles and methods ; humane design principles to guide the design . The concept of humanity not only can be applied to health care costume design can also be extended to other wear and everyday clothing design , to abandon the simple pursuit of aesthetics and even exotic design concept , consider clothing - clothing - Environmental Systems practicality . Humanized design exploration , will allow more people to continue to change the reality of a critical spirit , improve our quality of life , the real practice of people-oriented philosophy .
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