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A Study on the Influence of Mode of Social Adaptation on Cognitive Processing Bias

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Tutor: NieYanGang
School: Guangzhou University
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: Adolescent,Social adaptation,Social adjustment mode,Cognitive processing deviati
CLC: B844.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Social adaptation is the basic task of the individual life course , individual survival and development of the core ask adolescence individual physiological , psychological change drastically in the special period , the transition from immature to mature an important turning point of the social adaptation teenagers important goal of socialization is also an important indicator to measure individual development of young people 's future development is essential. Social adaptation is an important part of the study of social adaptation , and examine the different societies to adapt to the way the individual 's cognitive processing bias characteristics is of great significance for the promotion of sound personality development of young people , to improve the level of adolescents' social adjustment . The research from cognitive processing bias angle to middle school students in Guangzhou as the research object , self Adolescent Social Adjustment Style Questionnaire , investigation and analysis of different social adaptation , the level of young people 's individual differences , and social adaptive behavior on this basis , the use of point exploration mission to explore the impact of different societies to adapt to the way the individual cognitive processing bias , the results showed that : 1 , adolescent social adaptation questionnaire consists of three dimensions , with good reliability and validity . Adolescents' social adjustment mode there is no gender differences , but the grade difference is significant . The overall development of the adolescent social adaptation behavior better individual dimensions there are gender differences ; social adaptive behavior in addition to economic activity all dimensions showed grade differences . 3 , close to the adolescents' social adjustment with the level of social adaptation ; the different latitudes way of social adaptation predict from the different levels of social adaptive behavior , independence and dependence dimension is the strongest among the three dimensions of social adaptation predictors significantly predicted variation in all dimensions of youth social adaptive behavior . Dot probe task : an independent group of individuals of all the words of the reaction significantly with the fast in the dependent group ; independent entity independent word reaction fast at on depends on word of response , but the difference is not significant with ; dependent individuals on depends on word of reaction faster than the reaction of the independent word , but the difference was not significant . Vocabulary recognition task , the independent group to select independent word more , depends on word less ; dependent group depends on word choice more independent word less ; , and the two groups , there were significant differences .
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