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An Exploratory Research: On the Cross-cultural Adaptation of Foreign Teachers of University in China

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Tutor: TangShiMing
School: Hangzhou Normal University
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: Foreign teachers,Cross - cultural adaptation,Social adaptation,Psychological adj
CLC: G645.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Foreign teachers played a unique role in the cultivation of innovative talents of international awareness , international exchanges and international competitiveness . Therefore, the cross - cultural adaptation of foreign teachers by the attention of a growing number of university administrators . This study through a combination of interviews and a questionnaire study reveals foreign teachers of Chinese Universities ( hereinafter referred to as foreign teachers ) cross-cultural adaptation and its influencing factors . The research steps : first get through the interview study cross- cultural adaptation factors may affect foreign teachers , re-use questionnaire study examined the strength and direction of the impact of these factors . The overall situation of the cross-cultural adaptation of the interview results show that : 1) Cross- cultural adaptation of the foreign teachers are divided into two dimensions : the socio-cultural adaptation and psychological adaptation , social and cultural adaptation include three aspects : life adjustment , interpersonal adjustment , work adjustment ; 2) teacher the better ; 3 ) foreign teachers the impact of cross- cultural adaptation factors including : cultural differences , living , social support , language ability , the ability to cross-cultural experience , cross-cultural adaptation . Divided according to the the foreign teachers cross- cultural dimension model , amendments Black preparation of the socio-cultural adaptation questionnaire , to fit teacher groups . The test results show that its reliability and validity . And questionnaire measuring teacher socio-cultural adaptation of the tool as a questionnaire study . The questionnaire results of the study show that : 1 ) human adaptation affect psychological adjustment ; 2 ) Chinese level , cross-cultural experience , instrumental support , emotional support , cognitive cultural intelligence , motivation and cultural intellectual and behavioral cultural intelligence affect teacher social and cultural adapt ; 3 ) gender Chinese level , cross-cultural experience , cognitive cultural intelligence , motivational cultural intelligence , emotional support affect teacher psychological adjustment .
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