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Study on the Relationship between Parent-child Communication, Family Cohesion and Social Adaptation of Left-behind Children in Countryside

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Tutor: CuiLiJuan
School: East China Normal University
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: left-behind children in countryside,parent-child communication,family cohesion,s
CLC: C913.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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The problem of "Left-behind Children" in countryside is one of the many social problems in China’s modernization process in recent years.Then the emergence of the Left-behind family in China’s modernization process is a special phenomenon, and there will be a long-term phenomenon. This study is to explore the relationships between parent-child communication,family cohesion and social development in Left-behind family. The purpose is to find a good parent-child communication mode that is appropriate for Left-behind family,explore the effective means to strengthen family cohesion of Left-behind children,help Left-behind family to improve and play the educational function of family.Then promote the Left-behind Children in a good social adaptation.The research is divided into two parts:The first part is qualitative study.On the base of the results of the study have been researched, combine with practical experience,we maked a semi-structured interview outline.Then we go down to the Left-behind familys in countryside,and get a more emotional,more detailed understanding of their difficulties.This part accent on the research of the traits of parent-child communication in Left-behind family,and the change of family cohesion after parents left family.The results showed that parent-child communication of Left-behind children in countryside areas have different characteristics with other children in the channels of communication,communication frequency,communication content and communication methods.The parent-child communication of Left-behind children is in a lack, and their family cohesion reduced.The secend part is quantity research.on the base of the research of qualitative research,combined with relevant theory and existing scale,make and modify the test tool.Then analyze the demographic variables of Left-behind family,compare family cohesion and social adaptation between Left-behind family and non-Left-behind family,makc analysis for parent-child communication of Left-behind family,family cohesion and social adaptation, and relations between them. The results showed that Left-behind family’s parent-child communication and family cohesion tend to increase with age and grade improvement.But the sex of Left-behind children, left time of parents,the situation of their parents have little effect.Left-behind family and non-Left-behind family have significant difference in family cohesion and social adaptability.Parent-child communication and family cohesion of Left-behind family have significant implications for their social adaptation.
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