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College Students’ Mental Health and Psychological Intervention’s Effect

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Tutor: DingBaoKun
School: China Medical University
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: college student,mental health,psychological inter-vention
CLC: B844.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2003
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PrefaceThe mental problems of college students became more serious that led more pressure and damage to family, school and society. It was very important to explore the state of college students’ mental health and an effective psychological intervention model.Objective and MethodsTaking 1231 undergraduates from the three universities of Shenyang by whole group, and dividing into trial group and control group randomly. Chose WHOQOL -100, SES, PEI, ASLEC and WCQ as the measure tools. Within the first month of entering school, Gave the first measurement. After that ,Gave intervention to the trial group,including four times of expert lectures, four issues of psychological bulletin , and 12 hours a week of individual consulting. Within the first month of the second school year,Gave the second measurement.Results1. Quality of lifeThe domain scores of college students were higher than Chinesegeneral people ( P < 0. 01) ; The psychological domain score of boy students was higher than girl students’ ( P <0.01). The second school year scores of control group were lower than the first school year(P < 0.01). There was no significant difference between the change of the trial group and the control group.2. Self-esteemThe change of SES of the control group has no difference, and that of the trial group rose obviously ( P < 0.01).3. Self-confidenceThe score of PEI of the control group dropped clearly ( P < 0. 01) , but that of the trial group had no significant change.4. Life eventsThe frequency of life events rose obviously ( P <0.01). The stress dropped clearly ( P < 0.01).5. Coping stylesThe illusion factor of WCQ of both groups reduced ( P <0. 01). And the rationalizating factor rose, after a year ( P < 0.01). The escaping factor of control group rose ( P <0.01).DiscussionThe quality of college students’life was better than general people , but the negative feelings of the students were similar to the general people. So the best method of college mental services was to reduce the negative feelings. The whole level of the life quality drops with the raise of grade. This prompted us that it should be more earlier to give intervention.The first school year was a critical period with high frequency oflife events, dropping levels of QOL and decreasing self - confidence. The psychological intervention should be taken as early as we can.The methods we used were proved to be effective for raising self - esteem and self - confidence of the students. This study observed the change of several respects, and proved the effects of the psychological intervention. The result was very important for the theory and practice studies of the mental health of college students.Conclusion1. There were more life events, and reducing quality of life and self-confidence in the first school year. The psychological intervention should be taken as early as we can.2. The integrated psychological intervention was very effective to increase the level of self - confidence and self ?esteem.
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