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Inflammatory Cytokine Expression in Cluster Headache by Antibody Chips

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Tutor: WuShiWen
School: Xinxiang Medical
Course: Neurology
Keywords: antibody chip,cluster headache,cytokine
CLC: R747
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Background and Objective Cluster headache is a common type of primary headache syndrome and is typified by recurrent and severe attacks of unilateral pain in the orbital or periorbital region, which is innervated by the first (ophthalmic) division of the trigeminal nerve. It is often accompanied by a set of autonomic symptoms on the same side,such as acrimation,conjunctival injection,nasal congestion or rhinorrhoea,ptosis or miosis,sweating,and periorbital oedema.The pathogenesis of the cluster headache is not yet clear. Recent studies have suggested that some inflammatory cytokines may play a role in the onset of cluster headache, which seems to explain the autonomic symptoms accompanying by the cluster headache,and it can provide new evidence for the pathogenesis of cluster headache.However, the definite inflammatory cytokines involved in this process are unclear.Further investigations on the role of inflammatory cytokines are thus important to understand the pathogenesis of cluster headache. Antibody microarray is most commonly used protein microarray due to its high specificity and sensitivity. In this study, the role of inflammatory cytokines played in the pathogenesis of cluster headache was investigated by analyzing changes in the expressions of inflammatory cytokines during and between cluster headache attacks via antibody microarray.Methods Blood samples were drawn at2consecutive occasions from6episode CH patients:during an attack and during active period between headache attack,and all the serum samples were stored at-80degrees.The serum samples were labeled with biotin,and reacted with antibody chips on which the antibodies of40major inflammatory cytokines were prepared.The target proteins were conjugated with streptomycin antibody labeled with infrared fluorescent agent,and signals were imaged by Licor-odyssey scanner.Results In pairwise comparisons,the levels of some inflammatory cytokines were notably increased during attacks compared to during active period between attacks,including Interleukin-1β(IL-1β), Interleukin-6(IL-6), Interleukin-8(IL-8), Interleukin-13(IL-13), Monoeyte chemoattraetant protein(MCP) and Maerophage inflammatory protein-1β(MIP-1β), while compared with the other inflammatory cytokines, there were no significant difference between the two groups.Conclusions Inflammatory cytokines may play an important role in the pathogenesis of cluster headache,though the clear pathogenesis need to be futher study.
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