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Extraction and Biological Activities Studying of Phospholipids from the Skipjack Brain

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Tutor: HuJianEn
Course: Aquatic Products Processing and Storage Engineering
Keywords: The Skipjack brain,phospholipids,ultrasonic wave assisted extraction,antioxidati
CLC: TS254.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The phospholipids are important biologically active substances, have mainfunction in nutrition and health.The phospholipids can prevent and treat highcholesterol and hyperlipidemia, also play an important role in anti-oxidation,anti-aging and so on. Phospholipids containing a hydrophilic group and hydrophobicfatty acid radicals, are a typical amphoteric compound,which have good emulsifyingproperties. Currently, have been widely used in terms of food, medicine, health careproducts.In this study, the extraction technology of phospholipids from the Skipjackbrain was studied by ultrasonic method,and the composition and activity of thephospholipids were studied, the study results as follows:1、Extraction factors of ultrasonic method were optimized by single factorexperiment and orthogonal experiment. The optimal conditions were as follows: theratio of hexane and ethanol is2:1,40min,35℃,1:9of the ratio of material to solvent,ultrasonic power300W,ultrasonicextraction2times, respectively. Under theseconditions, the content of phospholipids from Skipjack brain was19.59mg/g.2、 It contains phosphatidylethanolamine(PE), phosphatidylcholine (PC),sphingomyelin (SM) according to the standards by the thin-layer chromatography(TLC).Phospholipids fatty acids composition of skipjack brain was determined by gaschromatography,which contains high unsaturated fatty acid, such as21.1%DHA and2.4%EPA.3、 The anti-oxidative activity of phospholipids from the Skipjack brain wasstudied.The results showed when the concentration of phospholipids from theSkipjack brain at1000μg/mL that the reducing power is highest, DPPH scavengingradical activity and hydroxyl radical scavenging activity were23.7%and43.3%.Inaddition,anti-oxidation activity of phospholipids from the Skipjack brain on edibleoils was studied using by Schaal oven-storage test.The results showed that thephospholipids from the Skipjack brain are of good anti-oxidant effects on soybean oiland olive oil.When the phospholipids in oils was0.5%,the anti-oxidative effect was asgood as0.02%TBHQ.4、 The phospholipids from the Skipjack brain emulsifying capacity studies haveshown that under the same conditions the phospholipids from the Skipjack brain havea better emulsifying capacity than the soybean phospholipids.5、 The immunomodulating effect of the phospholipids from the Skipjack brainwas studied on the RAW264.7macrophages.The macrophages were stimulated by the phospholipids from the Skipjack and became activated cells.The volume,cellviability and phagocytosis of the cells were increased.The concentration of NO andthe activity of SOD inside the cells were also enhanced.6、 The gene expressions of IL-1α、IL-6、IL-8、IL-10、IL-12、TNF-α mRNAwere assayed by RT-PCR.It suggested that the immunomodulating effect ofphospholipids may be associated with cytokine mRNA expression.
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