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Study on Structure and Transmission Properties of Micro-ring Resonator Filter

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Tutor: ZhengJiaJin
School: Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course: Optics
Keywords: micro-ring resonator,optical filter,ultranarrow passband
CLC: TN713
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Optical micro-ring resonator due to its simple structure, small size and multiple functions,It can be as one of the basic components in large-scale integrated optical,such as semiconductor laser,optical waveguide filter, optical waveguide modulator.The filter which dual-microring dual-waveguide structure with multi-function performance indicators, it has important applications in WDM and DWDM, it is also currently a hot research.In this paper, make use of coupling induced transparency phenomenon, thermo-optic effect, and electro-optic effect, designed ultra-narrow-band filte, realize resonant wavelength tunable filter, bandwidth tunable filter, resonant wavelength and bandwidth tunable filter with dual-microring dual-waveguide structure, and using coupled-mode theory and transfer matrix method,is derived,for double microring double waveguide filter transmission expression with a different structure, on this basis, make use of MATALAB programming, simulation analysis of the transmission characteristics of the filter.The simulation gives the following results:ultra-narrow-band filte,the relationship between the structure parameters and ultra-narrow-band bandwidth, the ultra-narrow-band bandwidth can be realized magnitude, affecting the the ultra-narrow-band bandwidth factor;for resonant wavelength tunability, the relationship between the microring waveguide temperature’s raising/lowering and the resonance wavelength red/blue shift is presented, as well as tunable range; For bandwidth tunable, coupling coefficient’s influence on the main mode and spurious mode bandwidth of the filter transmittance spectra; Adjustability for the resonance wavelength and bandwidth at the same time, analysis the influence of the temperature difference between the double ring, the splitting ratio of the coupler on the resonance wavelength and bandwidth.
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