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Investigation on532nm Green-Pumped MgO:PPLN Singly Resonance Optical Parametric Oscillator

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Tutor: JinGuangYong
School: Changchun University of Science and Technology
Course: Optics
Keywords: Green-pumped,MgO:PPLN,Quasi-phase-matched (QPM),Opticalparametric oscillator(OPO
CLC: TN753.91
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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The use of solid-state lasers pumped periodically poled crystal and change the pump wavelength, polarization parameters of the crystal temperature cycle, cycle periodically-poled crystal, etc., can be achieved based on quasi-phase-matched high power, wide-tunable optical parametric oscillator,meet application requirements of infrared countermeasures, optical communications, and many other areas of spectroscopy, especially in continuous wave near-infrared optical parametric oscillator in high-precision spectroscopy irreplaceable advantages.532nm green which pumped optical parametric oscillator pumped by its short wavelength characteristics, can achieve0.8-1.6μm near-infrared tunable output. Its high-precision atomic and molecular spectroscopy is widely used. With the in-depth study of near-infrared laser light can be tuned, and many other areas of tuning range tunable near-infrared light, tuning accuracy, beam quality, output power, pulse operation, such as a higher technical requirements, making the green-pumped optical Optimal Design parametric oscillator periodic structure, the cavity mode matching technology has far-reaching significance and a more broad application prospects. In this paper, from the quasi-phase-matched optical parametric oscillator starting principle for short-wavelength pumped MgO:PPLN optical parametric oscillator short period, requires precision control features, reasonable structure design and optimization cycle, in single resonance study output and tuning features green optical parametric oscillator pumped. This thesis includes the following aspects:(1) To obtained the signal0.8~0.9μm, idler1.3~1.6μm continuously tunable near-infrared output, you need to design MgO:PPLN cycle periodically poled crystal structure, select the appropriate cycle and temperature tuning range. For532nm green pumped MgO:PPLN crystal structure to optimize the design cycle and fault tolerance analysis, calculation of532nm pump MgO:PPLN optical parametric oscillator cycle and allow linewidth allows numerical analysis of OPO system fault tolerance.(2) Theoretical analysis of the532nm green pumped MgO:PPLN operating characteristics of an optical parametric oscillator, and the overall design. The main design of a single resonant cavity structure analysis metastable zone cavity, the cavity membrane matching characteristics, analyzes the relationship between continuous optical parametric oscillator threshold and conversion efficiency.(3) Using single-frequency continuous532nm laser as the pump source, low-power injection through experimental inquiry under OPO operating characteristics and the effects of changes in temperature at different cycles of output characteristics, and combined with theoretical analysis, to further adjust and optimize the OPO.
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