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The Experiment Research of Liquid Crystal Lightmodulator to Achieve Light Wave Phase Shift

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Tutor: LiuChengSen
School: Liaoning Normal University
Course: Optics
Keywords: Phase shift,Spatial light modulator,Optical interference,The Fourier transform
CLC: TN761
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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In phase shifting interference techniques, the outside interference influences the stabilityof stripes and reduces the accuracy of the information collection. In order to solve thisproblem, we use liquid crystal light modulator as a phase shifting device.By using thecomputer information processing technology, we found out many interference fingeimages.Among these,two interference images that are the most closest to the phase shift valueare found out. The main research work are as follows:First establishing the experimental device of the phase shift interference. The Mach-Ceng Deer interferometer is used in the experiment; the electrically addressed liquid crystalspatial light modulator would be a phase shifter;putting the optical Fourier transformationsystem (4f system)into the experimental device,which can achieve the Fourier transform andinverse Fourier transform; The CCD detector is used as a recording device for interferencefringe was used in the experiment.Second putting forward the reasonable and effective experiment scheme. The phase shiftmethod is changed for reducing the interference of environment and the airvibration in theexperiment. The computer control a sinusoidal grating which is in the SML to shift phasefleetly and circularly.Third compiling the computer program of interference frige processing,so that it canobtain two interference images which are quite close to the ideal phase shift values amongmany interference finge images.The phase information of the interference fringes areextracted by compiling prgram, after Fourier transform、inverse Fourier transform and otherdata processing, we obtained two interference images and substract them,compare the resultwith phase-shift size and calculate the error percentage.The Error is in the acceptable range,this illustrate the effectiveness of the method.Through liquid crystal light modulator optical phase shift of the experimental study,realized the precise phase shift of light waves. This research direction can be used in placephase measurement, optical device detection, digital coaxial holography and digitalholography encrypted areas of research and so on.
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