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Image Monitoring System Based on ARM and GPRS Communication Technology

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Tutor: JiangChunHua
School: Liaoning Normal University
Course: Optics
Keywords: video surveillance,Video4Linux,GPRS,S3C2410,Linux
CLC: TN948.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the rapid development of economy and technology,all walks of life pay more attention on industry assets and personal safety.At the same time,most of people have to leave their parents and child at home alone as the rapid rise of the material standard of living In order to promote social harmony and stability as well as improve the governments’ ability to deal with emergencies,many cities apply video surveillance system whose data is visual,convenience and real-time to build safer life.All these make the demand of video surveillance increase quickly in market.GPRS communication technology is currently the most widely used wireless communication technology.It can guarantee the people connect with the Internet from time to time, make people more efficient access to data, enrich experience to enjoy internet.Because GPRS uses packet switching technology, data transmission speed has been markedly improved and pay for the fee by traffic accounting.As a result, GPRS has been generally recognized by the user and reduced the cost of using.This article introduce a project in S3C2410microprocessor platform.The design chooses USB camera as video capturing equipment,and then sends images to the mobile terminal by GPRS in order to realizes collecting data in real-time,and achieve the aim to remote monitoring and control. What’s more,it is not only meet the needs of the individual users, especially solve the problems how to monitor the elderly and children who stay at home alone,and grasp the safety of goods in the house,but also change current situation that traditional video monitoring system is complex, poor mobility, high cost and not suitable for individual users.At last,this project meets the needs of design which captures images,sends pictures compressed as JPEG standard,view photos on the mobile terminal.Next,we will pay attention on remote control by the mobile terminal,send video through3G communication technology.In addition,this thesis includes the current status and trend of video monitoring system, the introduction of ARM processor S3C2410,the characteristic of GPRS,describes the feature of circuit,analyzes the Linux and V4L and so on.
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