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The Random Seismic Damage Risk Analysis of Conveyance Structure Based on Three Dimensional Design Pl

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Tutor: ZhangSheRong
School: Tianjin University
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: conveyance structure,aqueduct,CAD/CAE integration,travelingwave effect,coherent
CLC: TV672
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The damage of Conveyance structure frequently occurred under seism action,which leads to the paralysis of water diversion system. In that case, not only thepeople’s daily life will be disrupted,but also serious secondary disaster will take place.As a kind of long distance structure, especially the continuous beam on many supports,the coherent effect and traveling wave effect to the seismic response of theconveyance structure can’t be ignored. Due to its strong randomness, the resultscannot reflect the actual situation of earthquake through certain analysis method.Therefore, it should be well recognized that the affection of seismic spatial effects andthe randomness of earthquake to the seismic response of conveyance structure.This paper takes the simple beam aqueduct, which is be widely used in watertransfer project as an example, building the FEM based by the3D design platformintegrated CAD/CAE, to introduce the seismic response law of multi-span aqueductcaused by multi-support and multi-dimensional earthquake excitations and theaseismic reliability of structure under the random earthquake. The failure risk ofaqueduct caused by the random earthquake will be studied, and the discussion ofseismic design method of aqueduct in future is preliminary. The main important workof this paper as summarized as followed:1. The FEM of aqueduct will be built by the3D design platform integratedCAD/CAE.2. The random earthquake motion models and the methods and basic theories forsimulation of artificial seismic will be introduced, while the suitable power spectrummodel and coherent function will be chosen to study how to simulate the artificialearthquake ground motion within the affection of seismic spatial effects.3. The dynamic behavior of multi-span aqueduct subjected to multi-dimensional,and multi-support excitation, as well as to multi-dimensional and simple-supportexcitation are thoroughly analyzed based upon the concrete damaged plasticity modeland time history method. The characteristic of the seismic response under these twokinds of earthquake motions is studied and some differences are reached, includingthe interaction between aqueduct’s bodies.4. The random seismic response of aqueduct under different input methods willbe compared, and the aseismic reliability of structure will be studied based on the firstpassage failure theory. 5. Combine the seismic response and failure law of aqueduct under theearthquake, and introduce the conception of CBSD, the3D aseismic design method ofaqueduct in future will be discussed, and there will be a tentative exploration of the3D aseismic design platform conveyance structure based on the technology ofCAD/CAE and CBSD.
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