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Optimization Design Method of Concrete Face Rockifll Dam

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Tutor: LiYanJun
School: Hebei University of Engineering
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: concrete face rockfill dam,MATLAB,genetic algorithm,structural optimizationdesig
CLC: TV641.43
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The more important a dam as water conservancy, concrete face rockfill dam because of itsbroad applicability and can make the best of many other advantages, wider application in a numberof water conservancy projects such dam. Rockfill dam in accordance with the different type ofimpervious body is divided into the soil impervious body rockfill dam and non-soil seepage rockfilldam. Concrete face rockfill dam type with high safety, engineering, construction, short constructionperiod, low cost many advantages, in the international arena has increasingly become the preferredtype of dam in the number of water conservancy project, and with the traditional the embankmentdams compared a broader range of applications.Decades in China since reform and opening development is most rapid, concrete face rockfilldam construction technology in China has been less than20years, the full development of rockfilldam construction completed during this period dozens, in addition to more rockfill dam underconstruction. Through continuous development, the concrete face rockfill dam has been formed thedam type has its own unique competitiveness and the extensive development of the future.China’s water conservancy workers in engineering practice, the gradual accumulation of a seriesof research experience and practical results, and laid a good foundation for the development ofChina’s dam construction. With more and more of this type of dam construction, concrete facerockfill dam design and construction techniques, are constantly developed, in-depth summary of theexperience and research of concrete face rockfill dam study has important theoretical significanceand practical value.Concrete face rockfill dam is still in its experience, its dynamic and static mechanics, bothpositive and negative analysis, design optimization, reliability analysis, etc. There are still some gapsin the research. Traditional optimization design method lack of safe and economic metrics, has beenunable to meet the development requirements of modern concrete face rockfill dam. It is in thisbackground topics of a full range of systems analysis, computer software, according to the security,economic, applicable requirements of the dam type, using MATLAB software and the geneticalgorithm to optimize the design of the dam type method, which will be conducive to thedevelopment of face rockfill dam and will provide valuable reference for the study of other staff.
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