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Optimal Design of Non-overflow Section of Gravity Dam by Finite Element Method

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Tutor: ZhangHongQing
School: Hebei University of Engineering
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: Gravity dam,Non-overflow,Section,Finite Element method,ANSYS,Optimization design
CLC: TV642.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The concrete gravity dam which is safe, easy to design and construct, goodcompatible to the geology condition, easy to solve the problem of river diversion andflood discharge during construction is main dam in practical construction in China. It’salways used in present project. But, at present quality of project and the degree ofsecurity of gravity dam still relies on experience. What’s important content in gravitydam design is profile design, which main duty is choose right profile and shapeaccording to security, economy and intensity request to make volume of dam smallest,construction conveniently, by analysis and computation. Therefore, gravity dam’sprofile size directly relates the entire quantity and investment. So the key question ofgravity dam design is to find the most optimized profile through optimized design.This article evaluates the safety of the structure by the sliding stability and stressintensity. As long as we choose the method of stable and reliable analysis of stress, andselected the correct safety standards, we caught the core issue of the safety evaluation ofconcrete gravity dam.In view of the continuous development of the gravity and urgency of the need formore practical theories and methods, this paper expounded the necessity of using thefinite element method for the study of theoretical methods. On this basis, it introducedwhat I have done on the optimal design of non-overflow section of gravity dam by finiteelement method.ANSYS is a large general-purpose finite element software, and it has a very widerange of applications. ANSYS has a powerful analytical calculation function, andprovides a good optimization module can be well used in this study. The optimal designused ANSYS software to build the mathematical model, and get the optimal solution ofthe program. It proved that the results are reliable, and thus this study with goodpractice.
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