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Robust Optimization for Shape Design of Arch Dams Based on Strain Energy

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Tutor: SunLinSong
School: Yangzhou University
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: arch dam,robust design,shape optimization,strain energy,sensibility
CLC: TV642.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Arch dam is a statically indeterminate structure. Most loads on the dam are transferred to foundation rock in both banks by arch and the reaction force of abutment helps to maintain dam’s stability. This paper investigates the robust design of arch dam shape based on the sensibility of dam strain energy to the foundation deformation modulus. The main points are as follows:1.The development of arch dam is briefly introduced, and the state-of-the-art of shape optimization of arch dams is summarized from geometry model, constraint conditions, objective function and optimization methods.2.Based on the characteristics of robust design methods, the robust design methods are classified into traditional robust design method, the robust optimal design based on variation analysis, the robust optimal design based on sensibility analysis and robust design method combined with other uncertainty analysis, and outlined respectively.3. With the description of crown cantilever and horizontal arch ring type, the construction method for the geometric model of arch dam is introduced and the optimization model of arch dam is proposed. With the analysis of robustness of objective function and constraint conditions, the robust optimization model for shape design of arch dam based on dam strain energy is built.4.The sensibility analysis method is outlined. Based on the finite element method, the analysis method of the sensibility of dam strain energy to deformation modulus of foundation is proposed.5.The shape optimization of BaiHeTan arch dam is taken as an engineering example. With the objective function of dam strain energy, deterministic optimization with designed foundation deformation modulus is studied firstly, and then, considering the uncertainty of foundation deformation modulus, robust feasibility optimization and robust optimization based on sensitivity analysis are studied.6.The work of this paper is summarized, and the development trends of robust optimization of arch dam shape design are discussed.
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