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Study on Real-time Simulation and Visualization for Ventilation of Underground Caverns Group

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Tutor: ZhangSheRong
School: Tianjin University
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: Underground excavation cluster,Ventilation,Ventilation networkanalysis,Simulatio
CLC: TV554
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The ventilation is one of the most significant technical issues of the construction.The ventilation system of the underground excavation cluster, being complex anddynamic, contains the wind judgment, the airflow distribution, the ventilationparameters definition, and the fan configuration. This paper focuses on the applicationof network theory of ventilation in the Method of designing hydropower plantventilation. The ventilation network real time simulation visualization system wasdeveloped to describe ventilation status of the underground excavation cluster, andexpressed the simulation data in graph, image, and animation by using visualizedtechnologies to realize the purpose that is for the builders to master the phenomenaand laws of the ventilation during the construction period better.The main Subjects of this paper are summarized as followed:1、according to the law of the ventilation network basic knowledge and graphtheory, we built mathematical models of the ventilation network accommodating thecharacteristic of the underground excavation cluster.2、analysis of implement method and main processes of the simulation has beendone to lay a solid foundation for the implementation of the program. We select theScott Hinsley iterative method to be the core of large-scale underground excavationcluster real-time simulation system; the method has high degree of precision and fastcomputation speed, and explores the procedures of Scott Hinsley iterative method indetail. Propose the management methods of the modeling database by analyzing theactual requirements of the system. Support a series of control measures to supplyreference to engineering.3、The key technologies in the development of3D visualization of undergroundcaverns and dynamic visualization of ventilation Have been explored in the paper, andthe frame of system is constructured. We have also set up the Ventilation networkreal-time simulation system, basing on the technologies of3D model dynamicvariation, particle system, and OpenGL and C#platform. The reliability of system’sresult was testifying by comparing with the result of experiments.4、basing on the simulation visualization system we analyzed the ventilationshaft’s design proposal of a underground excavation cluster during construction period, and proposed the applicative condition of mechanical ventilation and naturalventilation. Project measures for the condition that ventilation being not suitable forthe requirements of construction was provided.It was a meaningful try to apply the system developed in this paper which is thereal-time simulation visualization of underground excavation cluster’s ventilation. andprovides methods and viewpoints for the ventilation systems of hydropower plant inthe underground excavation cluster.
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