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Lifecycle Information Management of Key Hydropower Project Based on the Concept of Risk

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Tutor: ZhangSheRong
School: Tianjin University
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: hydraulic engineering,lifecycle,risk management,BIM,collaborative platform,syste
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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In order to better ensure comprehensive benefits of the project construction,project management based on the risk concept gradually began to occupy thedominant position of engineering project management. Meanwhile, with the rapiddevelopment of information technology and construction project management, theconcept of lifecycle management with the core of building information modelingtechnology played an important role. It abandoned local concerns of the traditionalproject management, but turned to study continuous and unified management of thelifecycle building from project planning to its dumping, avoiding discontinuity andindependence of the project management and strengthening the project contact in allstages. Hydraulic projects are an extremely complex construction items, consideringthe risk concept and lifecycle information to manage them can help to improve theefficiency of project construction and the level of project management, so lifecycleinformation management will be the future development direction of damconstruction.This paper based on the concept of risk management, researches on generalmethods and realization of lifecycle information management in hydraulic projects,the primary work and achievements are four aspects:(1)Researched the theory and realization method of lifecycle informationcollaborative platform of hydraulic projects based on the concept of risk, realized theunitive management of project information and normalized control of processes,improved cooperation efficiency between companies and level of management.(2)Discussed methods of the lifecycle risk management in the damconstruction, that researched on risk identification, risk estimation, risk evaluation,risk early-warning and control strategies in the planning and design stage, surveyphase, construction phase and operation phase, which did the foundation to realize thelifecycle risk management of hydraulic projects.(3)Relying on a project example, studied on establishment and informationmanagement mode of hydraulic projects collaborative platform using ProjectWise,and based on the software of Revit Architecture, discussed BIM building modes ofstructures and terrain, information creation and management methods, the method using BIM information to do risk analysis as well.(4)Combining the lifecycle and the risk concept, developed risk managementinformation system of hydraulic projects, which simplified risk management processof water projects and improved the information level of risk management.Through this paper to study the theory and realization of lifecycle informationmanagement in hydraulic projects based on the concept of risk, providing lessons toadvance management level of hydraulic projects.
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