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The Stress and Stability Analysis of Jinjiang Reservoir Gravity

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Tutor: ZhangHongQing
School: Hebei University of Engineering
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: Masonry gravity dam,Mechanics of materials,Finite element method,Rigidequilibriu
CLC: TV641.32
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Masonry gravity dam with drawing on local resources, low heat of hydration, lowcost and mechanization has a long history in the history of dam. More than50present ofthe dams in our country were built on the fifties and sixties of20th century. At that timethere are many limitations such as geological survey, design, construction, materialsupplying and so on, due to that reason, the project quality is relatively poor. As timegoing on, many dams appear various problems. So it has very important significance toevaluate the running condition accurately and scientifically.Gravity stress analysis and Stability analysis has always been an importantindicator to judge whether the dam is safe. In the designing the traditional methods ofmaterial mechanics method and rigid limiting method are widely used; these methodsare calculating simply and have the corresponding complete specification, but due tothese methods make some assumptions for practical problems, the calculation results issketchy. Finite element method can to some extent make up for the deficiencies of thetraditional theory, The theory can be more fully reflect the internal structure of thepoints stress, displacement distribution law, to identify location of stress concentrationand dangerous sliding surface with the lower anti-sliding coefficient.。This paper discuss the basic theory of material mechanics method, rigid body limitequilibrium method and finite element method, and use two methods to analyzinggravity dam stress and the anti-sliding stability of Jinjiang dam. By comparison, thereare some differences becauseof different calculation theories,but they are conforming tothe requirements of the specification. Through comparative analysis concluded that thesize and distribution of stress have a great relationship with the foundation stiffness.Thefarther away from the dam foundation, the more similar the stress distribution law.Through a comprehensive analysis of the two theories,we can get that: the gravity damis in a stable state. This shows that,in some important projects, we can apply differentmethods to comprehensive analysis so that wo can understand the real operation of theproject.
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