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Research on Surrounding Rock Stability of Diversion Tunnel

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Tutor: LiYanJun
School: Hebei University of Engineering
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: tunnel,the stability of the surrounding rock,ANSYS,concrete lining,consolidation
CLC: TV672.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Tunnel is one of important structure form in hydraulic structures,especially playsan important role in water conservancy and transfer project.Along with the developmentof the socialist cause,people require more and more high about tunnel.Some tunnelswith dozens of kilometers length and thousands of kilometers depth go through a varietyof different geological units and meet extremely complicated geological conditions.Dueto various construction process and complicated technology and difficultconstruction,tunnel engineering often become the controlling engineering of waterconservancy projects.This article systematically introduced the analysis theory about the tunnel stabilityof the surrounding rock and the lining work structural design. It simulating the stressand displacement of tunnel structure based on ANSYS software combining withpractical the tunnels engineering by3d finite element simulation analysis involves theproblem. This paper studies the main content as follows:(1) Understand the geological conditions of the buried long tunnels at home andabroad and the physical and mechanical parameters of rock mass and the deep buriedtunnel design information and corresponding lining design and construction method.Choose the typical cross section with the large general finite element ANSYS softwarefor the analysis of different surrounding rock conditions and load combinations.(2) Compare the tunnel simulation analysis calculation results with analysiscalculation results by using the theory of structural mechanics and verify the feasibilityand rationality of the simulation analysis.(3) Simulation analy the II and V two typical cross section of surrounding rockconsolidation grouting with the finite element ANSYS software.According to thesimulation results of the analysis we can see the necessity of the surrounding rockconsolidation grouting under class III.(4) Optimize bolting and grouting and stitched design of concrete lining in view ofthe simulation analysis results.
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