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Experimental Study on Thermal Insulation Mortar Performance Used for External Wall

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Tutor: ZhangHongQing
School: Hebei University of Engineering
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: building energy efficiency,External Wall Insulation,aggregate sizegradation,ceme
CLC: TU551
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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At present,building energy efficiency has become a basic national policy ofeconomic construction in our country,it has a huge impact in the construction industry,and more and more brought to the attention of the government at all levels and scientificresearch departments.The present study aimed cementitious materials and aggregatesExternal Wall Insulation performance, determine the various types of raw materials andthe optimum amount of theoretical basis, in order to improve the overall performance ofthe external wall insulation mortar: cementitious materials cement, polymer powders,cellulose ethers, wood fiber and polystyrene fiber admixture; selection of polystyreneparticles, glass beads and expansion of vermiculite as lightweight aggregate.A brief introduction to the analysis and selection of the External Wall Insulationperformance are necessary for the testing process and methods of computation. Thestudy is mainly divided into four groups: polystyrene particles and glass beads mixedaggregate of external wall insulation Mortar aggregate of External Wall Insulationperformance; single glass beads; glass beads and expanded vermiculite combinedaggregate performance of external wall insulation mortar as well as single expandedvermiculite aggregate External Wall Insulation performance. Mixed aggregate sizegrading method for the design of external wall insulation mortar test ratio analysis ofthe main factors to affect the performance of external wall insulation mortar, externalwall insulation mortar slurry forming rate, mortar block compressive and flexural shearstrength, water absorption, thermal conductivity as technical indicators to analyze theaggregate size gradation, the ratio of water and other factors to study the combinedaggregate the performance indicators of External Wall Insulation, to select the optimummixed bone feed ratio program. And external wall insulation system, the performance ofcracking mortar.Related to the amount of cement, latex powder mixing amount and other factors inthe test the workability of the external wall insulation mortar slurry, constructionoperability have a certain influence, this the different comparative test design todetermine the cement and polymer powders etc. The optimum amount of Meanwhile, inorder to compare with the experiment, respectively, from certain materials processingplant in Hebei repurchase dry powder and exterior insulation mortar comparison test. Several mixed aggregate comparison of the ratio of program and data analysis, ExternalWall Insulation draw in the experimental study of high strength, light weight, thermalinsulation, high bonding strength, fire weather resistance, low water absorption andenvironmental protection pollution and other fine features.In addition, the construction of the external wall insulation mortar externalplastering test used to optimize the workability of the mortar slurry and ease, andplastering effect observed and recorded, is conducive to further improve test ratio, goodconfiguration molding used in building energy-saving projects.
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