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Numerical Simulation of Flow in Open-style Intake Pool of Irrigation and Drainage Combinated Multi-f

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Tutor: YuanXinMing
School: Yangzhou University
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: pumping station,the inlet sump,combination of irrigation and drainage,waterflow,
CLC: S274
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Combination of irrigation and drainage pumping stations, has played an important role in the transformation of the polder water conservancy reform and development and promote the construction of water conservancy modernization and farmland water conservancy projects. This new single pumping station uses open-style intake pool, which has a free surface is the direct absorption of the pump suction pipe inlet structures, the most common form of small and medium scale pumping station. It is very important for the safety and efficiency of pumps and the construction investment that optimum design of open-style intake pool. It also has very tremendous influence on the energy conservation technological transformations of middle and small scale pumping station. However, this pumping station there are many problems:pumping water conditions are less than ideal, hydraulic losses are large and in the artesian conditions, the water has a great impact to pump.In this paper, the advanced CFD calculation software FLUENT is used to study the inlet sump,the RNG k-ε turbulent model are applied to numerical simulate the puming system, is aimed at to get the best hydraulic performance, improve the inlet sump design, improve the inlet sump flow conditions,and reduce the loss of energy. The initial control parameters the inlet sump is optimized, according to the calculated results after the initial optimization, to find the influence of various control parameters on the pump system performance and the influence of all performance measures in the inlet sump on the internal flow rectifier and hydraulic performance. At the same time, study the water forward, reverse in the inlet sump on the internal flow rectifier in the artesian conditions, and study the culvert width which convergence with the posterior wall the influence of the pump station.In this paper, calculated by numerical simulation the inlet sump, we get the open-flow, axial section velocity distribution, and two conclusions. First for the inlet sump water optimization, the main geometric parameters:pool width, flood depth, the culvert width. The pool width value is more important, in addition to considering the hydraulic performance and vortex, and consideration should be given to the work amount. Calculating by numerical simulation, pond width appropriate value (3~4) D, D for the suction pipe diameter. Submerged depth have a decisive influence on the formation and development of the surface of the vortex, but also affect the safe operation of the pump. Too small submerged depth makes speed eddy current rotating, large hydraulic losses and flood depth, the increase of excavation depth. Submerged depth of the range recommended for (0.8~1.8) D. Second, for eliminating vortex rectification measures, based on the analysis of various measures, comes the following conclusions, the ideal consumer vortex rectification effects:use water level cover, the back wall partitions and separated water column; eliminate vortex rectification effects of the general:use water cover, the bottom wall, water separatorv and wall movable partitions; result is not satisfactory:use tube partitions, vertical partitions, tilt partitions.Closely integrated polder pumping station construction and reconstruction of our country, has a strong engineering background. Through the present study, the level of the pumping station project in China theoretical and experimental study can be increased. The research results will be directly applied to construction and reconstruction of pumping stations, and can play huge economic and social benefits.
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