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Aided Design System for Network Planning Technique

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Tutor: WangRenChao
School: Tianjin University
Course: Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Keywords: Network planning technique,Aided Design,CBR,Schedulecompression,Combination and
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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As a useful planning management method, Network planning technique has been a flag of Modern management level improving. In the past, people made a network by hand, many outstanding management software come out as the computer develops rapidly. Although such huge management software have powerful functions and well structured, there are still short in quick network planning generating. According to this problem, this paper propose a Network program aided design system based on CBR(Cased-Based Reasoning).Network planning requires extensive engineering experience. For experienced engineers and inexperience engineers, they have different master degree to a lot of factors, such as construction method, construction resources, construction site, and natural and social environment; so the network planning which they make will have large difference in feasibility and rationality. It is difficult for experience and young engineers to make reliable network planning. Nowadays, it is a Research focus in Network planning filed that how to make inexperienced engineers to generate network planning quickly, reliable and implementable.This paper applies CBR technology in the network program aided design system, which store many successful cases and these cases are retrieved to the system for reuse. If a stored case has the highest similarity to the case to be planned, this stored case can be reused directly to generate a new network planning; If the case base doesn’t have a case which similarity is high enough to be a model case, then search a model in the model base, and use the model which retrieved to generate a new network planning. The CBR based network program aided design system can generate initial network plan more quickly, and this work can be done without a rich experienced engineer.In this system, we used a new method for schedule-Combination and Selection method Method, this method solved the problem of how to combine the critical paths when the critical paths are not alone, and how to choose which work should be compressed first. Compared with the traditional schedule compression method-the Cutest Method, this new method is more simple, and easy to program.Finally, a project case is used to prove the effective of the proposed network program aided design system.
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