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Vocational Cappus Network to IPv6Transition Study

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Tutor: NieJunZuo
School: Yanshan University
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: Transition,IPv6,tunnels,campus network,intercommunication
CLC: TP393.18
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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It is predicted that the application of IPv4addresses will give out by2012. Withthe extensive application of the Internet, and the support of national policy, IPv6network is developing fast in China, and it’s imperative to construct the IPv6networkin Campus Network. IPv6campus network has become an important part of buildingChina’s next generation Internet (CNGI), and it is an indivisible part of China NextGeneration Internet. So the problem is how to make IPv4and IPv6co-existence andinterconnection,and it is an instantly necessary problem, in IPv6campus networkdeveloping process.This paper studies the solutions that how to communicate between IPv4and IPv6,the paper also introduced various of communication technology, and analyzed thecommunication technology. Contrast to the characteristics and problems of IPv4’s andIPv6’s agreements, this paper studies the method of IPv6network transition indifferent period, and the technology of IPv4and IPv6communication. According tothe current IPv4-led campus network, this paper presents the ISATAP tunnels+6to4tunnel+NAT-PT shared transition solutions and its building programs.This paper focuses on IPv4/IPv6network communication method and buildingprograms, in Cangzhou Vocational College of Technology. According to the status ofCangzhou Vocational College of Technology, this paper studies ISATAP tunnels+6to4tunnel+NAT-PT shared campus network transition and its design, and solvesIPv4/IPv6mixed network intercommunication and IPv6"islands" intercommunicationof network, in the initial stage of Cangzhou Vocational College IPv6school networktransition.
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