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Design and Implementation of Campus Network Acounting and Management System

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Tutor: JinShunFu; LiuWenLi
School: Yanshan University
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: billing system,Linux gateway,user authentication,MD5,kernel mapping
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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To satisfy the needs of sustainable development of the modern campus network,domestic colleges are generally required to record the status of the network and chargefor Internet accordingly. Based on the analysis of the existing charging ways and theactual requirements of Tangshan Vocational College of Science and Technology, acampus network accounting management system based on Linux gateway is designedand implemented in this paper.First of all, technologies for billing system are analized and compared, some keytechnologies, including Linux firewall Netfilter and Iptables, kernel moduleprogramming and database are described. A new billing scheme based on userauthentication is proposed, in which a Linux gateway server used as a data acquisitionnode.Secondly, requirement analysis and overall design are carried out. The analysis workincluds the functional requirement, the data requirement, the availability requirement andthe security requirement, etc. Based on the analysis above, the framework of systemfunction, the system processes and the system database are designed. The systemfunctions include DCHP, user authentication, data collection, billing and systemmanagement.Finally, JSP and C language are used to implement user authentication module, dataacquisition module and billing module. In the user authentication module, in order toensure security, we use web page for authentication and MD5encryption technology forsecure login; Through the Linux kernel programming, data collection module and billingmodule are achieved by intercepting the packet into the Netfilter at the network layer. Inorder to avoid the generation of system bottlenecks, kernel map is used to select part ofthe user information table directly mapped to the kernel space, so that authentication andbilling process are completed in the kernel, this approach reduces the number of times toaccess the database.
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