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Study on Design and Analysis of the Regional Monitoring System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

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Tutor: WangBaoSheng
School: National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: wireless sensor network,systematic design,local areamonitoring,detection and cla
CLC: TP212.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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In recent years, as a new kind of network, wireless sensor network has been use inmany areas, such as military reconnaissance, the environmental monitoring, the medicalmonitoring, the space exploration, municipal transportation management and so on. Theapplication prospect of wireless sensor network is extremely huge.Based on the previous research achievements and the theory of wireless sensornetwork, this paper explores the design and analysis of the regional monitoring systemdesign based on the local geographic environment and security requirements. Accordingto security requirements of the regional monitoring, the thesis analyzes the function ofmonitoring system, especially explores the design of monitoring systematic node andinvasion monitoring identification technology of the monitoring system.Based on the summary of the international research and application of wirelesssensor network, as well as regional monitoring technology, This paper has mainlycompleted the following work.(1) Monitoring scheme Design of the regional monitoring system. Based onapplication requirement analysis and security of the regional monitoring, we firstlyanalyze and determine the clear systematic design goal and design principle from theperspective of the whole system, and afterward carry out the schematic design globallyfor monitoring system, finally accomplish contrastive analysis and choice of wirelesstransmission technology and modular.(2) The key node design of the regional monitoring and the correspondinghardware design as well as software design with the form of flow chart are carried out.Besides, the key technologies of the monitoring system are presented and analyized.(3) In order to verify the detection validity of ground moving target, we apply boththe short time average (STA) and the total signal length to detect moving target and theexperimental results shows the feasibility of detecting method.(4) In order to verify the discrimination validity of moving target, we carry outoutdoor field test, and collect vehicle vibration signal as an example for monitoringanalysis. Based on the experimental data, we extract the several kinds of features ofvibration signals, and take support vector machine as classifier to realize theclassification of moving target. Experimental results verify the feasibility of monitoringsystem to be used for ground moving target monitoring and classification.
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