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Application Research of Artificial Intelligence Path Finding in Games Development

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Tutor: QiuTaoRong; LaiXianQun
School: Nanchang University
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: Game Artificial Intelligence,The computer game development,path finding,A-Star a
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Game Artificial Intelligence is the most important part in the computer Games design and development, which has been used in the computer Games’ playability and entertainment. It also be the most hot researching areas in computer Games’ industry in these years. With the development of computers’ hardware and software, Artificial Intelligence also has been developed. In recent years because of the show of PC game has touched to the level of films’, the playability of the game software itself has raised to high standards and quality requirement. More and more Game AI has been to the development inevitable direction of the game industry. In the Game AI, A-Star algorithm is the heuristic path finding algorithm, which has been widely used by people as one of the most optimal path finding algorithm.This thesis will focus on the development of the Game Artificial Intelligence and A-Star algorithm and AI path finding. First of all, from the development history and present situation at home and abroad, it studies and discusses the current computer game design and development of the theory and method, AI is vary important in the development and application of computer games. Secondly, it will be introduced the common Game AI and summarized the concept and characteristics of the game do the brief analysis of AI path finding and make a summary and outlook on the game. Again, the thorough research and analysis of the game is the A-Star algorithm of AI, the path finding is based on A-Star algorithm in the application games’ development, and design A-Star algorithm game’s software based on A-Star algorithm. Finally, introduce practical Game AI path finding recently, through the specific data in game map of three kinds of AI path finding performance of detailed analysis, study compared be used and be not used A-Star algorithm by AI path finding after the game characters path finding, it also concluded the differences of be used and be not used A-Star algorithm in Game AI.
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