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The Research of Trajectory Planning on the Open Robotic Control System

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Tutor: ZhangPing; LuZhiXing
School: South China University of Technology
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: Robot,open,control system,service-oriented architecture,trajectory planning
CLC: TP242
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Open has become a modern goal of the robot controller, which purpose is to ensure goodplatform compatibility in different platforms to interoperate with other systems, and also toprovide consistent user interaction. Existing open robot control systems, although to someextent have achieved open common requirements, but most of them lack of good interactivityand flexibility, and the configuration processes are more complicated, finally they can not bemodified and configurated dynamically. Based on the study of our laboratory about LSOA(lightweight service-oriented architecture) open control system architecture, this articlein-depth study and implement the trajectory planning algorithm and function module structureof the robot control system.This article introduces the open architecture control system based on LSOA, includingsystem architecture, software bus structure, the message transmission module, businessprocesses, and service modules.Based on summing up the relevant domestic research of the robot trajectory planning, thisarticle analyzes the general issues of the robot trajectory planning, focusing on the Cartesianspace and joint space accessible continuous path trajectory planning methods. In Cartesianspace, adopt simple linear and circular trajectory planning methods, but in the critical sectionsintroduce maximum positioning deceleration distance and use decelaration methods totracking error; in the joint space, study cubic spline trajectory planning which introduces twovirtual points, and implement time optimization on this basis in order to obtain the optimaltrajectory.Finally, conduct the digital simulation and experimental prototype system according tothe above planning algorithm performance and functionality. Digital simulation andexperimental prototype system object is GUGAO GRB3016six degrees of freedom robot,and the trajectory planning experimental results verify the feasibility and practicality.
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