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Remote Robot Control Technology Based on Android System

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Tutor: ZhangRuBo; MaGuoHua
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Computer technology
Keywords: Remote control,Robot,Android,JMF,XMPP
CLC: TP242
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the gradual maturity of robot remote control technology, intelligent robot hasplayed an important role in the military, exploration, industrial production and so on. At thesame time its application fields in daily life are also constantly expanding, bringing muchconvenience to people. The rapid development of3G mobile Internet and mobile intelligentterminals provides new platforms for the research of robot remote control technology. And itmay be realized that the robot could be controlled at all times and places. Under thebackground this dissertation has designed and implemented a remote robot control systembased on Android system so that the robot can be controlled remotely by a mobile phonethrough access to3G network.In the dissertation the video transmission process is in the form of streaming media,using Java Media Framework (JMF) issued by Sun to complete the capture, compression andtransmission of the robot camera video. The transmission of the control instructions isrealized by means of instant messaging protocol XMPP. The communication between therobot host computer and the underlying is in use of Java Native Interface (JNI). And all ofthese have been carried out in-depth study respectively. And then, this dissertation describesthe design thought of the system and the system overall architecture has been designed. Thewhole system is divided into two data lines: the robot capturing video and transmitting to amobile phone, the mobile phone sending instructions to control the robot’s movement. Eachone is divided into different function modules according to the development platform and thedetailed design scheme of the system has been introduced.Finally, the hardware and software development environment of the system is introduced.This dissertation describes the hardware configuration of the robot, Android mobile phone,server and programming languages and development tools which are used in the process ofprogram development. Then the implementation process of the system is explained in detailby using the key technology described before. After overall system testing, the real-time videocaptured by robot can be watched smoothly on the mobile phone and the instructions can alsobe sent to control the robot’s movement when the network is in good condition. What havebeen finished above has met the requirement of the system design.
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